13 Powerful people skills to up your life game

Here are 12 things that you can learn to do by practicing the three pillars of people skills — observe, listen, acknowledge. When you listen and observe, you learn about people, how they act, what they feel, who they are.  When you acknowledge, you encourage them to be themselves and, in turn, they feel good about you.

  1. Learn to meet and engage people
  2. Learn to read people so that you understand them
  3. Learn what makes people tick, what they want, what makes them happy
  4. Learn to really listen
  5. Learn to show interest
  6. Learn to offer positive feedback
  7. Learn to put people at ease
  8. Learn to redirect the social spotlight from you to them
  9. Learn to turn contacts into opportunity
  10. Learn to be a great conversationalist
  11. Learn to dress to enhance your personality
  12. Learn to enjoy being with new people
  13. Learn to tell your story

These may look complicated and beyond your tech-oriented brain right now but in fact they’re based on three simple practices: observation, listening, and acknowledgement.

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