Where Are All the Girl Geeks?

5154747 300x193 Where Are All the Girl Geeks?Figures from the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada show that last year, only about 25 per cent of people working in the field of information technology were women, reports the Winnipeg (Canada) Free Press. And women are even more rare in the most technical fields, making up just 12 per cent of electrical, computer and software engineers, and 19 per cent of programmers. That representation hasn’t changed much since 2002, when 22 per cent of IT workers were female, including 11 per cent of engineers, and 23 per cent of programmers.

The future doesn’t look particularly bright either. Female enrolment in Bachelor of Engineering programs has shrunk significantly since 2001, when 20.6 per cent of students were women, to 17.4 per cent in 2009 — about the same level as in 1993. Among the disciplines where women figure least prominently — electrical engineering, software, and computer engineering — participation has declined to about 10 per cent.

If their were more women in these fields, would the EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) of geeks as a whole rise accordingly?

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