Tickle yourself to success — 7 Career building reasons to smile

Smiling Couple 300x193 Tickle yourself to success    7 Career building reasons to smileWhen meeting people for the first time, the smile is paramount. A nice, relaxed open mouth, sincere smile. Not a closed lip, “I’ve got you figured out and you’re below me” smile. Not a big goofy “I’m so drunk I’m about to fall over” smile. But a “I am so happy to meet you because I’m hoping to have children with you” smile. A sincere, from the heart, “we’re going to be best friends” smile.

When you’re younger or lack confidence, it’s often hard to smile. You’re self-conscious, you’re embarrassed about your teeth, your first girlfriend broken up with you because your nose is weird when you smile. But the smile is so important that it’s important to fix what’s bothering you about your smile and use it. Go to a new dentist and get a veneer or two or teeth whitening, if that’s the problem. Practice in front of mirror or with a video camera if that helps. I’ve found for me that the mirror or video camera is way too objective and doesn’t actually portray you accurately. Others respond to your overall aura not just the quality of your teeth. I was afraid to smile for many years because my teeth aren’t perfect. But I realized that when I had a super-positive, falling in love feeling when I met people, they didn’t seem to notice. They just felt the energy.bill gates mugshot1 Tickle yourself to success    7 Career building reasons to smile

Your smile doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be real. The smile portrays  positive energy. It’s the first indicator to others that you’re feeling the love. Everyone wants acknowledgement, they want to be around people who like them.  How does one know if they’re liked by someone?  That person smiles at them.

7 Reasons to smile:

  1. Smiling makes you more attractive
  2. Smiling communicates warmth to others
  3. Smiling elevates your mood
  4. Smiling makes others feel better about themselves
  5. Smiling relieves stress
  6. Smiling makes you look younger
  7. Smiling makes you look healthier

I’m talking to you, you big grumpy geek.  It’s time to smile.  Tickle yourself to success!

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