Answering the Phone — Simple? Not so simple

angry on the phone 300x291 Answering the Phone    Simple?  Not so simpleI often hear my sister-in-law answer the telephone.  Her “hello” sounds like someone who has never before seen this device call the telephone.  She hears a ringing coming from this device that she usually texts on.  “What is strange sound coming from small plastic texting object,” she thinks to herself.  She sees a green button, pushes it, and then “Hello?”  Hello as almost a timid question. “Is there someone in this small object?”


I know I’m sounding like a cranky old man talking about telephone etiquette.  That’s because I am a cranky old man talking about telephone etiquette.  When you answer a telephone, your “hello” is not an electronic tone that says, “You’re connected now. What is your business?”  or “Why are you calling me?!”

“Hello” is a welcome. It’s saying to whoever is on the other end of the line (and usually, we now know who is there), “Greetings, friend.  What fascinating or important information or good cheer do you have for me today.”

“Hello” should express warmth, an invitation to communicate, to know that there is someone on your end of the line that is interested.

It’s not a hello that means, “Who are you and why are you bothering me.”

So listen to others when they answer your calls and evaluate their performance.  Are they inviting you to speak? Are they warm and friendly?

Now, be aware of how you answer the phone. Are you warm and inviting?

Why is this important stuff? Because most of us have very fragile emotions and we feel rejected very easily.  Follow the golden rule: treat others as you would have them treat you.

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