Authenticity is the new currency

book large Authenticity is the new currencyThe new book Likeonomics is about how likeability is the secret to building real trust. But it is NOT about just being nice. By weaving together cutting edge psychological research with real life stories of everything from the shocking moment when Oprah gained the trust of a nation to the unusual tourism policies of the Bhutanese government, Likeonomics offers a convincing argument for why likeability matters more than ever in a social media enabled world.

Like-ability is also about authenticity.  People are tired of prepackaged corporate product and people that pretend to be real.  They’re looking for things and people who are real.

How does this apply to our geek brethren?  Often those who have problems with social skills believe that they just don’t fit in, that people inherently won’t like them.  But in fact, it’s uniqueness and authenticity that people are attracted to.

The reason to learn people skills is so that you’re able to be more you than you are now.  To be your authentic self in the world, minus a few behaviors that may stand in the way of communicating your real self to others.

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