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A geek is judged by his cover

Geeks are purists who detest hypocrisy, shallowness, and self-promotion. You’ve sacrificed social acceptability for your obsession whether it’s Linux or community theater. But as a true geek, you accept the laws of physics, I assume. A cup is knocked off … Continue reading

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New York Times reports People skills are the “Bedrock” of survival

Our very existence maybe predicated on working in groups.  A recent New York Times story hypothesizes that the ability to work together is an evolutionary survival mechanism, “…our long nomadic prehistory as tightly knit bands living by… team-building rules: the … Continue reading

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No Geek is an Island

We cannot change others, no matter how much we want to and how hard we try. Unlike a machine, we cannot control how others behave. Yes, people can be very disappointing at times and there is plenty of hurt to … Continue reading

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