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AMAZING STORY — People WANT to Help You

People tend to grossly underestimate how likely others are to agree to requests for help. And many don’t know how to ask for help. They also overestimate how many people will come to them for help. Francis Flynn presented at … Continue reading

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A geek is judged by his cover

Geeks are purists who detest hypocrisy, shallowness, and self-promotion. You’ve sacrificed social acceptability for your obsession whether it’s Linux or community theater. But as a true geek, you accept the laws of physics, I assume. A cup is knocked off … Continue reading

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No Geek is an Island

We cannot change others, no matter how much we want to and how hard we try. Unlike a machine, we cannot control how others behave. Yes, people can be very disappointing at times and there is plenty of hurt to … Continue reading

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“Most of my contact is online. Why do I need people skills?”

Aren’t we all wired together through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter? “How many people do I actually meet face to face?  Does it really matter.” Facebook is a fine way to promote your brand, disseminate information, tell others about your love life, … Continue reading

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