Creativity, innovation and the American geek

Fascinating article in the October issue of “FastCompany” discusses how education  shouldn’t all be about the STEM disciplines–science, technology, engineering, mathematics– but should be fostering innovation, creativity, problem solving.

Indian tech outsourcing companies say that the American system is the best in the world. “The U.S. education system is much more geared to innovation and practical application,” says Murthy. “It’s really good from high school onward.”

To compete long term, we need more brainstorming, not memorization; more individuality, not standardization.

Creative, innovative tech types don’t work in isolation.  They need interpersonal skills to be able to collaborate, share ideas, and communicate innovation to the larger world.

You, Mr. and Ms. American geek, need interpersonal skills now more than ever to compete.  It’s the one thing that will set you apart in the tech race.

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