What Geeks Wished They Had Known in High School

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth What Geeks Wished They Had Known in High SchoolReporter Alexandra Robbins’ new book Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth contends that if you’re brainy or nerdy in high school, you may be more successful later in life. Her book follows 7 kids in private and public high schools who are not in the ‘popular crowd’. She investigates the difference between people saying you are popular and being popular because people genuinely like you as a person. She concluded that kids that refuse to conform and are a little bit different in high school, are more likely to be successful as an adult. In her book she includes names of well-know celebrities who were taunted for being different in school, and are now big success stories. Director Steven Spielberg was teased for being Jewish and is now one of the best directors in Hollywood and Lady Gaga was called a ‘theatre-nerd’ and is now a pop icon!

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