Lex Luthor: And Kryptonite will destroy him. Any questions, class?

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 2680033 lex luthor comic book 300x267 Lex Luthor: And Kryptonite will destroy him. Any questions, class?Mark Dykeman, an online blogger who no longer maintains his Mighty Introvert Blog, has an appropriate metaphor for what happens to the introvert in groups or parties after a while. He says that too much of other people is like kryptonite for introverts: the Kryptonite fictional element is from the Superman tale. In the tale, kryptonite is created from the remains of Superman’s native planet of Krypton, and has detrimental effects on Superman and other Kryptonians.

Today kryptonite can be a synonym for Achilles’ heel, the one weakness for someone. For introverts one kind of Kryptonite is not being much for groups or parties that go on and on.

Yet, in business and life, there’s a good deal of communicating going on.

Why do business people network? Mostly to find connections for a job, an employee, a customer, a partner or even resources.

Why do people network socially? To connect with friends and family, to deepen or broaden those relationships or even for, resources.

In both kinds of networking, there will be those who want to further connect – just more intimately, in a one to one conversation.

The direction from the larger group for anyone is toward smaller group connection. As introverts we do better in one to one. If we can approach such things as conferences or networking events knowing that one-to-one is where such a meeting might lead to, then we know that from the get go we can start to narrow down who those people might be.

And for extroverts who find themselves thriving in a larger group, know that eventually, if there is an attraction on some level, then you will go toward one-to-one in your own time. So your kryptonite can be in sight as you move toward more intimate communications.

This usually unspoken natural direction of large group functions or events, actually puts the introvert in an advantageous position because all roads lead to Rome – a small or one to one relationship. And that’s where as introverts; we can leave the kryptonite behind.

Have you learned who you are? Introvert or extrovert? Have you come to realize that since introverting or extroverting is a preference, that it’s sometimes just knowing that a particular preference can lead to different actions even in communications than might be expected. You either have the kryptonite sooner or later.

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Pat Weber1 Lex Luthor: And Kryptonite will destroy him. Any questions, class?Patricia Weber, www.prostrategies.com, leads and inspires the sales reluctant to discover their courage for that breakthrough for ultimate success. She is an internationally recognized expert on radio and in print as a Business Coach for Introverts.

Weber is a Coachville graduate, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and a two-time award winner of Peninsula Women’s Networker of the Year (only the second member in its 28 years to receive this award twice.)

If you would like to learn more about putting the best of introvert and extrovert preferences together, and claim your energy back, go to www.coachingforintroverts.com for a free report.

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