Not just a problem for geeks

source: Business Management Daily

Geeks aren’t the only ones who suffer with and from inadequate interpersonal skills.  Big time executives and business types also struggle with this issue.  A recent survey of 320 executives and talent management professionals conducted by the Alexcel Group and the Institute of Executive Development explains the issue.

Over 20 percent of internal promotions and 30 percent of external executive hires are deemed failures within two years. The big reason they fail? More than 75 percent of the participants in the study cited poor interpersonal skills such as relationship building, influencing others and communications.

Competitiveness, lack of insight into others, lack of sensitivity, inability to influence or gain consensus are all sited as reasons for  executive failures. In those instances, leadership and interpersonal skills come into play.  How good are they at the art of coaxing others to join their team.

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