3 people skills to catapult your geek career

By Jeff Orloff
from ArtisanTalent.com Blog

It would make sense that companies these days are willing to spend big bucks to hire talented information architects to help build complex information systems that drive their businesses. In their search, employers can usually find information architects with the knowledge, technical skills and certifications to get the job done on a surface level. However, finding architects with the soft skills required to be successful is another matter entirely. Hiring managers usually first look at the resume, but if they keep an eye out for the following traits they will often find a valued employee.

Competitive Awareness
Top information architects are aware of what’s going on in the industry by reading blogs, networking with other professionals and completing training to keep skills up to date. The benefits of hiring those with this characteristic is that you can keep your organization on the cutting edge of technology, which can give you an advantage over your competitors.

Empathy for Users
All too often the information technology staff is not viewed as the most personable team in an organization. It is one thing to understand technology but another to understand how to relate to people. Good information architects try to connect with users to make their work lives more productive and less frustrating. Hiring people that connect with users rather than alienate them can boost productivity across a company.

The Ability to Listen
Since information architect has such a widespread effect on the inner workings of a company, it is important that the person responsible is able to listen to what other departments and customers have to say. Being able to take constructive input from others and apply it to their work is paramount to getting the job done successfully.

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