Don’t scare with your stare; the secrets to eye-contact

eye contact 2 Dont scare with your stare; the secrets to eye contactWhen you make eye contact, it’s to demonstrate that you are listening, that you are connected with the other person. If you are connected, if you are listening, you shouldn’t have to make a serious effort to keep eye contact. Human beings don’t stare into each other’s eyes continuously for long periods of time unless they’re in love. I met a guy years ago who read some book about eye contact and every time you’d see him, he’s stare at you. It was creepy. He didn’t have much to offer but he listened and just stared into your eyes. It was phony and strange. Be aware of eye contact, especially when you’re listening to others speak but don’t get fixated on this as an end all and be all. If you are focused, relaxed, interested, listening, you will make the right amount of eye contact.Don’t however look over the should of the person you’re conversing with, as if looking for someone else approaching. This gives your partner the impression that you’re just killing time with them until you meet some better.

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